My hope is you will be able to successfully learn to make wonderful and colorful murrini after receiving my "cheat sheet".  For me, it was a struggle for many months coming up with good color combinations. Iím not one to ask for help and I hate to see people struggle like I did, which is why I decided to put this together. Take what you learn here and come up with your own beautiful murrini.  I know you can do it too! 

#081210-1 Murrini Magic- Recipes

A laminated, full color 8 1/2 x 11, professionally printed "cheat sheet" with the recipes for 4 of my murrini.  This is not a tutorial on how to make murrini, rather it is a "recipe card" with what glass I use to make 4 of my murrini.  You should have basic knowledge of making simple murrini and heat control.  Included will be the glass I use, what tools you need and what COE of glass I am using.  YOU DO NOT NEED AN OPTIC MOLD TO MAKE THIS MURRINI!  Just basic tools you already should have: marver, razor tool, needle nose pliers and I use a designated mandrel just for pulling my murrini, something bigger than 3/32.  I use a Mini CC torch but I've not used a Hothead.      
I'll have to make a refund for the shipping over-charge to all US cusotmers. 
*Permission is given to anyone who purchases this to make and use this murrini for personal use.  Please do not make copies of this tutorial and give it away.*

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