#082911-1 Cool Canes Cheat Sheet

Making flower cane was a long time struggle for me.  My hope is you will be able to successfully learn to make colorful canes after receiving my "cheat sheet".  Once you get the idea of using color, let your imagination soar.  I know you can do it! 
A laminated, full color 8 1/2 x 11, professionally printed "cheat sheet" with the recipes for 4 of my favorite flower canes.  This is not a tutorial on how to make cane, rather it is a "recipe card" with what glass I use to make 4 of my favorites.  You should have basic knowledge of making simple gathers of cane and heat control.  Included will be the glass I use, what tools you need and what COE of glass I am using.  The tools you already should have: marver, needle nose pliers and I use a designated mandrel just for pulling my cane, something bigger than 3/32.  I use a Mini CC torch, I've not used a Hothead.   
I'll have to make a refund for the shipping over-charge to all US cusotmers.    
*Permission is given to anyone who purchases this to make and use cane for personal use.  Please do not make copies of this tuturial or give it away.*

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