#101511-1 Bezel Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to construct a copper or sterling silver bezel setting for your own beads.  Some knowledge of soldering with a small jewelers dual-fuel torch is helpful.  A complete list of tools and materials with step by step photo’s and text will be provided.
Please keep in mind the tools for this can be expensive. You will need a flat top grinder if you use a bead, or you can use a cab mandrel. But if you use a cab mandrel your cab has to be around one inch in diameter to work with this tutorial. Or you can use a pre-made stone cab 1 inch in diameter.  You will also need a Little Smith* torch. A micro torch will also work but I’ve not used one and the directions for this tutorial are with a Little Smith* torch. There are 50 pages and this will be sent to you via email in a pdf format.  The file is 12 MB.
The above photo is the exact bead and bezel I demo in my tutorial.  The following photo shows the completed setting used in a Viking Knit bracelet.
This tutorial does not teach you how to make beads or do the Viking Knit.  It is solely a tutorial on the step by step process of making and learning how to solder a sterling silver bezel setting for your beads that you make or the use of pre-bought stone cabochons.
This tutorial was written using sterling silver but you can use copper sheet in place of the sterling.  It all works the same its just cheaper to use for learning and I like the look too.
Please include the email address you wish to have the file sent to in the comments section when you make your payment.  Otherwise I will send it to the one the payment came from.  I will send out the e-book as soon as I can but no later than 24 hours and most likely much sooner.
As with any ebook/tutorial, refunds cannot be given.
Enjoy and Thank-you!

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