I hand-pull all of my Murrini.  It is made with soda lime glass, so it is COE 104 and compatible with Effetre, Vetrofond, CIM, Double Helix, Lauscha and a few others.  As with any hand-pulled cane, each piece will vary somewhat in size/thickness but should average 4-6mm.  If they are smaller I always include extra to make up the difference.
Shipping to the US is $3, any over-charge will re refunded.  International friends, please make your murrine purchases from my etsy shop here:
Thanks everyone!
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#111909-1 Cloudveil Murrini

 This is fun murrini, simply because the center is clear!  That way, it will pick up whatever color is underneath, or what your base bead is, it will show through.  In my sample photo you can see black on one bead and the enamaled gold on another!  How cool is that?  Baggie of 20, 3-6mm chips.  I'll refund any shipping over-charge.

#111509-1 Myrrh Murrini

"Myrrh" is GORGEOUS!  I used a lot of Rubino to make these.  You'll get a baggie of 20 chips 
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