Challenge 2007
In November I invited 3 of my beading friends to do a challenge with me.  These women were customers of mine but we have become close friends.  We finally met each other last year in Tucson at the bead shows.
My profession is as a glass bead maker.  But I love designing jewelry just as much.  Working with wire is quite new to me though I have longed to learn more.  One of the things I wanted to do was make a large pendant using one of my focal beads.  I've thought about this for about 2 years now but was reluctant to give it a try.  That is how this challenge came about.  I knew that if I didn't challenge myself it would never get done.  And what better way than to invite 3 close friends to join in the fun and also give me more incentive!  
What I wanted to accomplish with this challenge was to take a focal bead(s) and create a pendant or necklace with the use of copper or sterling wire.  The following photo's are the result. 
This first piece is by Joann.  She lives in Boston and is a full-time jewlery designer running a very successful business.
This next piece is by Connie.  She lives and works in Boise.  Having previously owned her own bead store, Connie came to this challenge with experience in working with many types of materials.
My good frined Cat made this next challenge piece.  She is a certified PMC Instructor, prolific seed beader and lives in Nampa, Idaho.  Not one to take things lightheartedly, Cat took this to the next level and put her heart and soul into this challenge to make this fantastic necklace.  Here are some photo's of her offering:
This last photo is the piece I made for the challenge.  I was quite amazed at how long it took me to figure this out.  I spent about 6 hours working on it.  I made the lampwork bead previously.
In conclusion, I'd like to say "thank-you" to you ladies for taking the time to work on this project.  I think we all had fun but most importantly we all learned new things, which was the whole point of the challenge.  If you 'd like to see more of these talented ladies work, please visit their websites in my "links".

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