Donna Millard is an Internationally known lampwork artist living in the northwoods area of Wisconsin. She has been working with various forms of glass for more than 25 years. 
Originally taking a beginner class in 2001, Donna has since self-taught herself the techniques she now uses in her unique art glass beads, buttons and metalwork.  Workshops she has completed since learning on her own:
Kevin O'Gardy-2005
Andrea Guarino-2007
Michael Barley-2007
William Hagy-2008
Mary Lockwood-2008
Melanie Moertel-March 2011-just for fun!  
Metal-work classes completed with:
Dallas Lovett
Iris Sandkuhler
A 76 yo metalsmith whose name I've since forgotten.
Donna's beads and jewelry can be found in galleries and shops across Alaska, Wisconsin and private collections around the world.

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