Much of my work has an organic and unrealistic feel to it.  This comes from years I spent living in remote Alaska, a very organic and wild place.  It is there where my heart resides and it is from there much of my work is inspired from.  The sea, the mountains and the pulsing life everywhere one looks. 
I usually don't set out knowing exactly what my work is going to look like, but I am most comfortable watching where the glass and flame take me, much like being in a trance. If other people end up liking my work, it's an added bonus. I am not saying this is the best and only way to approach creation, it's just the way I work and produce best, and I've discovered through my own experience that my work speaks most clearly when I let it speak on its own.
I spend much of my time working alongside my partner who is a ceramist.  Together he and I create art every day.  We inspire each other and strive to do better work daily.  Together we own a storefront shop / gallery /working studio open to the public.  Sometimes others perceive this time for creation as depressing or weird.  In some ways it's more difficult and unpredictable, but I find it much more rewarding and it seems to be working for me.
I sincerly thank-you for supporting my art.   I am grateful to my customers and for everyone who has helped me on this journey.

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